What does saffron taste like?

Saffron is rare and unique and has a high value, it has a strong aroma and is similar to honey.
The pure saffron, with its original aroma and color, gives an impressive and unique golden color to every food and drink and provides a wonderful aroma. In the article Yellow Rice or Saffron Rice, you can see its golden color and cooking recipe.
The quality and strength of saffron depend on how it is harvested and stored (type of drying) as well as the harvest time. The saffron that TIDA prepares is Saffron Negin Super Negin, which has the best quality for export.

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Why is the taste of saffron bitter?

As we have said, the distinctive taste of saffron is derived from the chemical compounds in it, such as picrocrocin and safranin, which make it bitter. Picrocrocin, with the chemical formula C16H26O7, is a colorless, bitter, and crystallizable glycoside that, through the process of hydrolysis of acid, glucose, and an aldehyde called safranin.

Features of original saffron ( about taste ) :

🔸 Saffron color: Saffron stigmas are red and their ends, which are composed of cream (similar to honey), are yellow. Depending on the type of saffron, its color is different. The best color of saffron belongs to Hyper Negin saffron. Crocin is an effective substance in coloring saffron, its appropriate amount for saffron is 230 units. TIDA selects this saffron for export to different countries

🔸 saffron Aroma: The smell of pure saffron is sweet and similar to the smell of honey, vanilla, alfalfa, and tobacco. Saffron is also used in the perfume industries
saffron Taste: Saffron, unlike its aroma, has an astringent taste. The bitter taste of pure saffron is due to the presence of picrocrocin in it, which should be more than 80 units.

✓ If you want to know more about the original saffron, read the how to identify real and fake saffron article.

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What are the standards and quality parameters of saffron :

These standards and parameters have a direct effect on the taste of saffron.

The highest quality saffron in the world is grown and produced in Iran and Iran is the largest exporter of saffron in the world. ISO 3632 standard is related to measuring the quality of saffron in the world, which is also observed by TIDA Saffron.

🔸 The age of saffron: The fresher the quality, the healthier, and the unbroken saffron strands signify tenderness. Also, note that pure and quality saffron should be dry and fat-free. Saffron strings are not smooth and wrinkle well
In general, it can be said that the taste of saffron is a pleasant secret. In fact, saffron has several notes of different flavors and aromas, including flowers, musk, mushrooms, spicy, fresh like the sea and bitter, and aromas similar to honey and vanilla. Super Negin TIDA saffron gives it an amazing taste in food and drink. It is also the best saffron for the pharmaceutical industry.

🔸 The packaging of saffron:  is very important and according to specific instructions included on the packaging, there is another group of standards called organic standards.

How did you recognize the original saffron taste?

To distinguish pure saffron from fake, you can do a taste test of pure saffron. Put a string of saffron on your tongue and hold it in your mouth for a few seconds to notice its taste; If you feel the bitter taste, this is the original saffron. But if you feel the taste of sweetness, saffron has sweetener additives and is fake.

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