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Tida Silk Road Trading company based on its farming, trading and marketing knowledge, has been established with the purpose of planting, packing and supplying the highest quality and authentic red gold (saffron) to the global market.

As Saffron needs special environmental conditions to be planted and grown, our precious country Iran is the only country in the world that is carrying the historical knowledge of planting and using Saffron from our ancestors and has the proper conditions to grow Saffron.

Cities with the ideal conditions for planting and growing saffron are Zave,Ghaen,Ferdows,Gonabad,Marand, Torbat Heydarieh and Neyshabour. Our company owns its own saffron farming, storage, packing factory in Zave (Qale Aqa Hasan) city.

Saffron seeds are planted, they develop into flowers during the blossoming season if the environmental and weather conditions are suitable, the saffron flowers are harvested. Then, depending on the market demand, they are made into a pushal or super negin product.

The difference in harvesting in our farmland region is that harvesting happens at 3 A.M which leads to producing pen-shaped straight saffron with powerful taste, color and smell.

Our company passion is to produce and supply the finest quality saffron that will pass all physical and lab tests.

And our mission is to deliver high quality organic healthy saffron at competitive prices to our trading partners.

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