How to grind saffron into powder?

In this article, we explain how to grind saffron and change it to saffron powder for use in food and drink, etc.

Using saffron in all kinds of food requires grinding it first in order to take advantage of its color, aroma, taste, nutrients, and properties. Since saffron has a slightly bitter taste, it is ground with sugar to make it easier to grind and to change its taste.

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Per person, a quarter of a teaspoon of saffron should be added to food. The preparation of original saffron makes the food taste delicious. Originally, the saffron strings were uniform in size and shape, bitter tasting, trumpet-shaped on one side, and sharp and ivy-shaped on the other.

During the grinding process, saffron needs to be preserved in order to maintain its properties. Hence, before we discuss different ways of grinding saffron, we should observe a few points before getting started.

Several important points to keep in mind when grinding saffron.

Make sure your saffron is dry before grinding it. It’s enough to put dry saffron in the oven or on a low gas flame if you don’t have dry saffron available. Keep saffron away from extreme temperatures.

Grinding saffron should be performed in a dry container. A saffron spice can become difficult to grind if it absorbs moisture quickly. 

In addition to grinding speed, other factors must also be considered. It is possible to burn saffron when it is ground too quickly and hastily. This is very important, so do not ignore it.

Another important point to remember when grinding saffron is not to grind it all at once. The properties of ground saffron are lost very quickly as soon as it is ground. Depending on the amount of saffron you need, powder it before using.

➡ For more information about the properties of saffron, refer to the article Benefits of saffron.

4 methods of grinding saffron

grind saffron into powder

There are different ways to grind saffron.

1. Grinding saffron with a spoon

The saffron you bought should not be opened if it is packed. Put a spoon on the bag and slide the edge of the spoon on the bag Do this until the saffron is completely powdered.

2. How to grind saffron with a mortar

Saffron should be ground in a mortar that is suitable for grinding saffron. For grinding saffron, stone and wooden mortars are good options.

Gently shake the mortar head until the saffron is completely ground in the mortar.

3. Grinding saffron with sugar

You can prevent your saffron powder from burning by grinding it with sugar in a mortar.

Sugar is added to saffron to speed up the powdering process. In other words, if you just bought a package of dry saffron and you’re hosting a ceremony in a few hours, grind the saffron with sugar.

4. Grinding saffron with a coffee grinder

Another quick and easy method for grinding saffron is to use this method. A coffee grinder is sufficient for grinding saffron. There is no need to concern yourself with the brand or model of the device.

Brewing saffron

Brewing saffron with boiling water

This method has been used in Iran since ancient times. The advantages of this method are that the coloring of saffron happens very quickly and does not take much time.
In this method, we put ground saffron in a container and add boiling water to it. About a teaspoon of saffron is suitable for half a cup of boiling water. Then, we put the container in and place it on indirect heat on the samovar, kettle, or on stove and give the saffron 20 minutes to release its color well.

Brewing saffron with ice

This method is one of the modern methods of brewing saffron. The color of saffron is more in this method, but the time that saffron needs for coloring is also more.
In this method, put well-powdered saffron in a container, then put some ice cubes on it and wait until it melts well at room temperature.
A teaspoon of saffron powder and two pieces of ice are suitable.

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