Sayer Dates

This date type has great popularity in the most countries because of high sugar (above 75%) and low cellulose. The semi-dry texture, pleasant black-brown color, delicious flavor and good source for iron and potassium and full of minerals. Sayer Date is semi-dried Date at harvest and its moisture is less than 17% and so because of this, keeping the Date more than one year in a tropical warehouse and without freezing is possible!

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Sayer Dates

Sayer is the most abundant date species which accounts for 65% of Iranian dates. Around 40% of Iranian dates for export is Sayer dates and it is one of the most important export figures. The shape is slightly elongated, oval and typically dark brown colored and its cross section is yellow. An average weight of fruit is 8.3 grams and kernel weight is 0.9 grams. Sayer Date is the principal kind of date fruit in Khuzestan province (70-80% of palms in Khuzestan province are Sayer dates). Sayer dates is known internationally in many countries particularly in Canada, Britain, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.
The skin often sticks to the tender fleshy part and the low amount of moisture makes them fall under the semi-dry group. With their natural sweetness and refreshing aroma, Sayer dates are here to provide you with the highest quality available in the market.

Sayer date due to its high sugar content quickly dissolves in water and creates a lot of sweetness.
Its core is easily and easily separated from the date and has the ability to be de-seeded.

properties of  Sayer Dates

As you know, dates have many nutrients. Due to the presence of these nutrients, the properties of dates are many.

• It is anti-cancer and the reason is the presence of high antioxidant in Sayer dates.
• It treats digestive problems and helps digestion, and the reason is the presence of magnesium in dates.
• This type of date is high in iron and therefore it is useful for people who suffer from anemia.
• They provide energy for athletes who spend heavy periods.

Other benefits and properties of Sayer Dates :
1. Strengthening skin, hair and nails
2. Maintaining heart health
3. Reducing allergies
4. Treatment of constipation
5. Reducing the risk of stroke

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