Saffron Rock Candy

Rock candy or sugar candy, also called rock sugar,or crystal sugar, is a type of confection composed of relatively large sugar crystals. Rock candy is also known as rock sugar. This Saffron Rock Candy product has a pale yellow color. It possess an amazing mild taste and aroma of Saffron. Saffron rock candy can be enjoyed alone or preferably with tea.

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Saffron Rock Candy

Rock candy Known since ancient times in India & Asia, nowadays, it is often used in coffee, milk, water, and other hot drinks that may need a little sugar. Moreover, This Rock Candy comes with saffron threads and has all the benefits of saffron, besides the benefits of Rock candy. In addition, It is ideal for soothing the stomach, reducing coughing, & aiding sleep.
Adding Saffron enhances the color and makes it more refreshing and does not contain any additives, also it dissolves quickly in hot drinks.

Benefits of Saffron Rock candy  

Less processed than common white sugar and with 20% fewer calories, relieves cough, acts as a mouth freshener, is effective against sore throat, relieves stomachache and menstrual pain.

Saffron Rock candy is one of the most uplifting sugars. Nature is relaxing and anything extracted from nature creates relaxation. Therefore, instead of sleeping pills, relaxing and pain-relieving drugs that over time cause disturbances in the process of life, you can use the natural plant and you will be surprised by its good effect on the treatment of depression and insomnia.
Although this food is very widely used and useful, it should not be used in large quantities. Candy is a sugary substance and people with diabetes should use it in the right amount so as not to have the problem of increasing blood sugar. In addition, the consumption of sugary substances such as sweets is harmful in large amounts and there is no difference between sugar and sugar and sweets and consuming too much of them is harmful for the body, but the right amount has wonderful properties that should not be ignored.

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