Plum Bukhara(Aloo Bukhara)

Plums Bukhara / Aloo Bukhara IS one of the most special types of dried plums. While there are too many different types of plums in the world, some of them are light or dark brown, small or big, sour or medium-sweet and etc. This specific kind of plums has many beneficial nutrition facts, especially when it is used throughout the cooking process or as dried fruit.

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Aloo Bukhara

The plum is a great, succulent organic product that has a place naturally with the group of Rosaceae. This natural product has a place with the variety Prunus domestica, which likewise incorporates peaches, nectarine, and almonds. It is one of only a handful couple of organic products that arrive in a scene of hues.

The plum natural products contrast in shading and size as per the locale of starting point.
Plums kill the destructive impacts of free radicals and secure against the advancement of wellbeing conditions like asthma, joint inflammation, heart stroke and disease. The cell reinforcements found in this organic product shield the body from free radicals that accelerate the maturing procedure. Zeaxanthin, a vital dietary carotenoid, specifically assimilates light into the retina where it gives cancer prevention agent and defensive UV light sifting capacities.

The properties of Bukhara plums and plums are basically similar, although the benefits of Bukhara plums are increased due to the drying process, which involves water reduction and a higher concentration of its components. We must not forget that plums lose more than three times their weight during drying, turning them into Bukhara plums, which makes the obtained product very rich in sugar and fiber.

Bukhara plums are very low in fat and their calories are determined by the carbohydrates they contain, which provide more usable energy because they last longer in the body. In this case, Bukhara plums contain almost five times more carbohydrates than plums, which is why they form real energy reserves in a small volume. Bukhara plums provide a lot of energy.

100 grams of Bukhara plums contain 250 calories (kilocalories), while the same amount of plums has 55 calories. Two Bukhara plums contain 60 calories, equivalent to 1 apple or 2 walnuts.

The properties of Bukhara plums are due to the high content of potassium, vitamin K and C. This plum is also an excellent source of dietary fiber. Plums are often consumed dry, fresh or as jam, preserves and jellies. It is also used in pudding and cooking and as a seasoning for meat dishes.

Aloo Bukhara are having good amounts of polyphenol which is an antioxidant that is good for heart health, and bone health and reduces the risks of diabetes.

aloo bukhara benefits

  • Aloo Bukhara Beneficial for bones
  • Promotes Heart Health
    Regular use of plum reduce the harmful blood cholesterol level, increasing good cholesterol level, keeps arteries healthy and boost the blood health which encourages the vitality of your heart.
  • Prevents Skin ProblemsAloo Bukhara helps in preventing your skin from various skin problems like blemishes, eczema, acne, etc.


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