Piarom Dates

Piarum Dates It is the first grade and a commercial cultivar, due to the quality and marketability it is a particular type of date for export. Thin skin of these dates are dark brown and, regarding the fact that the flesh and skin stick together, it has a beautiful and desirable appearance. That is of low moisture content and it is considered as semi-dry varieties.

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Piarom Dates

Piarom dates are known as the most luxurious and expensive variety of Iranian dates that comes from Hormozgan province in the south of Iran. Piarom palms are cultivated mostly in a range of mountains and irrigated basin areas.

It is meaty and Semi-Dry with 15% moisture. Growers usually harvest Piarom at the beginning of autumn in October and it takes until the end of November. The color of this unique date is dark brown. Piarom date has thin skin and because of its low sugar, it is acceptable for diabetic people. In international markets, Piarom date is known as Chocolate Date because of unique taste and shape. High quality and good customer satisfaction of Piarom date have made them very special and it attracts most of the prominent international markets.

piarom dates benefits

Piarom Date is replete with protein and other mineral substances and has high-quality nutritious value. It has fiber that is very beneficial for the digestive system. Piarom is also a rich source of potassium that is so necessary for preventing high blood pressure and strengthens the nerves. Moreover, the date has a high amount of magnesium that is effective for muscles.

Specifications of piarom dates

One of the types of dates is the piarom date, which is semi-dry and has a very thin skin that is attached to the flesh of the date. This date is yellow in the prickly stage and becomes light brown in the moist stage and dark brown in the date stage.

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