Dried rose bud

Iranian Damask rose known in Iran as Mohammadi flower. Mohammadi rose is a perennial plant of the genus Rosa and the Rosaceae family. It has beautiful flowers in a variety of colors, mostly red and pink. Iranians make rosewater from these fresh petals. Damask rose with the scientific name of Rosa damascene is a deciduous shrub. Iranians cultivate this flower for a long time. Its consumable parts are the petals and the buds. This flower is a type of rose. In Iran, natives take rosewater from them and some of them are distilled. Also one can dehydrate these flowers and store them in bulk in order to export as wholesale

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Dried rose bud

pink Persian Rose Buds are handpicked in the fields of Kashan: the Rose capital of Iran. Known as Gol-e-Mohammadi in Farsi, they’re blooming lovely, bringing a bunch of pink color, aroma, flavour and texture. Put in sweet and savoury dishes or add a floral garnish. Place in champagne, cocktails, or rock a Persian latte. Handpicked, totally natural and pesticide free, this is the foodie’s flower.

The Pink Rose Buds from Iran is the best type of the Rose in the world for making the Rose tea mainly because is unique Aroma and Medicinal properties that cannot found in any type of Roses in a world. It is very simple, all you need is just a few pieces of Rose Buds, place it in a teapot or a teacup and then pour in 100 to 200 ml of boiling water.

dried rose buds uses

Rose Buds are scatter-ready and recipe-ripe;. You can steep and infuse them, remember – like any other spice – heat and grinding will release fragrance and flavour.

dried rose petals benefits

High in Vitamin C, Rose supercharges the immune system, and as an antioxidant, it treats sore throats, coughs and colds. Best constipation remedy! Relieve symptoms of Urinary Tract Infections, as well as menstrual cramps, minimises stress, anxiety and depression. It also works wonders for skin, hair, acne and eczema, improves metabolism, promotes weight loss and invigorate your sex life.

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