Badami pistachio

The Badami pistachio has a fairly elongated appearance and resembles almond. This is the main reason why this type of pistachio is named.Badami is a type of long pistachio Iran and is very similar to Ahmad Aghaei pistachio. Ahmad Aghaei pistachio is one of the largest types of pistachios in Iran and has a good field for export. (The lowest weight among other pistachio varieties)

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Badami Pistachio (Semi long)

Badami pistachio is one of the commercial types of Iran pistachio and it is familiar with semi-long pistachio. Badami (semi-long) pistachio is very similar to Ahmad aghaei pistachio with some differences. The difference is that Badami origin is smaller in height and have a stained its name shows, the nut of badami pistachio is like to almond in shape.

Specifications of Badami Pistachio

Shap Semi-Long
Flavor Raw,Roasted
Smell naturally pistachio aroma
Size 20/22, 22-24,24/26
Shelf life and strage condition 24 months,keep in cool and dry place
Moisture 5-7% For raw pistachio – 2-3% For roasted & salted pistachio
Country of Origin Iran

Benefits Badami pistachio

This delicious fruit also contains omega 3 which has a positive impact on fetal brain growth.

Persian pistachio was known as” green gold ” from ancient times to the present day.

Badami (semi-long) pistachio is also have many practical usages in many industries.

Badami pistachio is one of the most popular types of Iranian pistachio, which has the highest amount of production and sales.
This product has immense properties, some of which are mentioned below:

Improves heart health
Improves digestion
The best product for iron absorption
Healthy diet
Sexual enhancer
Diabetes controller
Has anti-inflammatory properties
Immune system booster

Badami Pistachio price

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