Fandoghi Pistachio

This cultivar is the most widely available pistachio variety and grows in most pistachio growing areas of Iran. Fandoghi is of round type and has the lowest shape index among the four cultivars. It comes in the following sizes 28/30, 30/32 and 32/34 nuts per ounce.


Fandoghi Pistachios( Round Pistachio )

Fandoghi pistachio (round pistachio) is one of the most famous Iranian pistachios grown in south Iran and comprises 55 to 60 percent of pistachio trees in south Iran. This pistachio is known as Fandoghi pistachio (round pistachio) because of its small and hazelnut-like appearance.

Fandoghi pistachio is primarily delivered in Kerman territory and Sirjan and Rafsanjan provinces. However, this cultivar is likewise found in some inaccessible nation locales. Kerman pistachio’s distinctive feature is mainly related to this province’s geographical location and the distance and altitude from the sea level, which has made Kerman pistachio have a different taste from other kinds of pistachios and has a worldwide reputation.

Fandoghi pistachio (round pistachio) is very popular in Iran and constitutes a significant part of Iran’s exports. Fandoghi pistachio (round pistachio) is also used widely in confectionery production. The characteristics of Fandoghi pistachio (round pistachio) include its excellent taste, beautiful shape, and cost-effectiveness. Fandoghi pistachio (round pistachio) is the cheapest variety of pistachio compared to other pistachios. For this reason, Fandoghi pistachio (round pistachio) exports from Iran constitute the largest volume of pistachio exports.

fandoghi Pistachio specifications

Shap Round
Flavor Raw,Roasted
Smell naturally pistachio aroma
Size 28/30, 30/32,32/34
Shelf life and strage condition 24 months,keep in cool and dry place
Moisture 5-7% For raw pistachio – 2-3% For roasted & salted pistachio
Country of Origin Iran

Fandoghi Pistachios quality

Iran is one of the biggest producers of this kind of pistachio. This kind of Fandoghi Pistachios quality is produced in Iran and has excellent. The taste of this pistachio is also amazingly delicious. You have to try it to find out.

properties of Fandoghi Pistachios

Pistachios are hematopoietic due to the presence of iron, and those suffering from anemia should include some of them in their daily diet.
Consuming pistachios strengthens sexual power.
It strengthens the brain and mind and is useful for calming the heart and calming the nerves.
It is useful for opening the liver channels and strengthens the stomach.
It is useful for relieving cough
Pistachio skin is the best remedy for bad breath and chewing it heals the wounds inside the mouth.
The green skin of pistachio removes nausea and vomiting.

fandoghi pistachios calories

On average, there are 565 to 570 calories per 100 grams of hazelnut pistachios, depending on whether the pistachios are consumed raw or salted and roasted, which causes the calories to vary.

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