What season is the time to harvest saffron?

harvesting saffron, Dear exporters, we have prepared an article to describe in detail the saffron harvesting process, harvesting stages, and other highly important points about this.

harvest saffron

The saffron harvesting stage is the most difficult and laborious and at the same time the most sensitive stage of saffron cultivation. The saffron harvesting stage includes picking the flower and separating the stigma from the flower. The life of flowers is 3 to 4 days and if not picked in time, it will be destroyed. Also, if the flowers are exposed to hot weather, wind and sunlight for a long time, the quality of its color and fragrance will decrease and the quality of saffron will decrease.

Saffron harvest time

Saffron harvesting occurs at different times depending on where live. In some areas, it begins in November, while in others, it begins in December. It is with purple flowers emerging in the field that the process of harvesting saffron begins.

Approximately three weeks will pass before harvesting begins depending on the climate.

Saffron begins growing when buds or shoots emerge, signaling the emergence of flowers.

A maximum number of flowers can be seen on the seventh to tenth day after blooming.

Saffron harvest in Khorasan region is done before sunrise. Many parts of the country, including the west, start flowering at 8 am and continue until evening.

Taking into consideration the harvesting time, the area of the farm, and the number of workers, you must create the necessary balance.

How to harvest saffron

In order to prevent pollen from sticking to the stigma of the saffron flower after picking, you should separate the flower from the stigma as soon as possible after picking it.

Tida Saffron

Methods of harvesting saffron

Harvesting saffron manually

This method is actually the common method of harvesting saffron. In this method, the number of workers varies according to the harvest year. per hectare, in the first year to 5 or 6 people; 10 people are needed in the second year and 15 people in the third and subsequent years.

Harvesting saffron with a flower picker

In this method, you can use all kinds of flower harvesting machines, such as backpack model, carriage model and Spanish model.

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How to separate the saffron flower from the stigma

Harvesting saffron

The place allocated for isolation is completely clean and hygienic. During the isolation, all health tips are observed by the people who perform the isolation process.

The separation process depends on the type of saffron. For example, agriculture wants its saffron to be Sargol saffron, and another farmer wants to use Pushal saffron.

Saffron isolation methods

The way to separate saffron flowers has a great impact on the purchase of saffron, which we will discuss below.

Isolation of saffron by saffron batch method:

From the inside of the flower, we separate the three-branched stigma from the rest of the flower components, stack them regularly and dry them in the same state. In this case, we will have a bunch of saffron.

Isolation of saffron by Sargol saffron method:

We cut the stigmas from the junction with the cream, collect and dry them. This type of saffron is called Sargol saffron. Sargol saffron branches are shorter than Negin saffron.

Isolation of saffron by Pushal saffron method:

In this method, in addition to the stigma, parts of the cream that remain attached to it are also separated. Then it is picked and dried. In this way, we see Pushal saffron.

Isolation of saffron by the precious saffron method:

In this method, the saffron branches should be straight and without bending.

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How to Grow Saffron

Crocus Areas ideal for cultivation of saffron crocus average a low 15 to 18 inches (38-46 cm.) of annual rainfall. If you live in an area of significant precipitation, heavy rains are likely to damage the delicate flowers. However, beyond that, saffron are relatively easy to grow and multiply fairly rapidly, it would take about 150 to 200 bulbs to keep the average family supplied with enough saffron.

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