Which countries have better quality saffron?

There is no doubt that saffron is one of the most valuable and expensive spices in the world. This valuable product is also used in the pharmaceutical industry in addition to being consumed for food purposes. In terms of its buying and selling market, this product has one of the most comprehensive in the world. Therefore, saffron-exporting nations are considered among the most profitable and economically advantageous global businesses.


The number of countries today cultivating saffron has increased from the saffron countries of the past because it enables these countries to become saffron exporters on the international market and generate profits. As a result, Iran is known as the world’s leading saffron producer.

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Factors on the quality of saffron

It is best to cultivate saffron in cold regions to get the best quality and performance. The main difference between high-quality and low-quality saffron lies in this characteristic. There is a correlation between the quality of saffron and the temperature of the region.

The onion of saffron grows down to minus 40 degrees Celsius, indicating its high resistance in cold regions and in cold weather. The cultivation of saffron is suitable for dry and low rainfall areas since its water needs are lower than those of other agricultural products’ water areas. In terms of saffron cultivation, Iran enjoys the best climate as the most important producer and exporter.

After harvesting, saffron can be stored carefully and offered to the market as a high-quality product after the production and preparation process.

Because Iranian saffron was stored carefully for years after harvesting in the past, along with the climatic conditions and rich soil of the country, it is considered to be of the highest quality.

Ranking in saffron production

Which countries have better quality saffron

1. Iran

As the largest producer of high-quality saffron in the world, Iran is considered one of the best. Almost all the saffron produced worldwide comes from this country. Because of the country’s diverse climate and fertile soil, it is a prime location for saffron cultivation. The province of Khorasan produces most of Iran’s saffron, which is the primary producer in the country. Aside from rock candy and tea made with saffron, Iranians have also come up with sugar candy and cake powder made with saffron.

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2. India

There are two countries that produce saffron, India being the second. I’m talking about Kashmir specifically. Saffron from Kashmir is highly aromatic and delicious thanks to its high altitude and favorable weather.

3. Spain

The third most prominent saffron-producing country in our list is Spain. It is grown mostly in the La Mancha region of Spain where saffron is the most common spice. However, it is more flavorful and aromatic when it comes to saffron that grows in Spain. A variety of Spanish saffron is available, including Spanish Crème and Spanish Superior.

4. Greece

According to the ranking of top saffron-producing countries, Greece is ranked fourth. There are many countries that love saffron from the Kozani cooperative because it has the best quality. Greece has saffron manufacturers from which you can purchase wholesale saffron.

5. Morocco

As well as saffron, Morocco produces a fair amount of it. Taliouine produces most of the country’s saffron, which grows well in the fertile southern soils and great weather of the region.

You should keep in mind that saffron from the top 5 saffron-producing countries is produced at varying levels of quality and prices.

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