Sargol Saffron

Sargol Saffron consists only of Dark Red Stigma(thread) Tips, and all the white and orange parts are removed. This saffron is the second most expensive type of saffron after Negin Saffron. Sargol in Farsi translates to the tip of the flower.

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Sargol Saffron

Sargol saffron means cut string. As its name suggests, Sargol saffron is obtained by cutting or separating the red stigmas from the white part of saffron.

In the process of separating the stigmas from the cream part (whiteness of saffron), some stigmas are crushed and broken. Also, depending on the accuracy and quality of the work, some whiteness may remain with the stigmas.

According to these explanations, you must have understood what is the difference between first-class sergol saffron and ordinary sergol? Yes, it is true that the difference is in the whiteness of saffron and the quality of stigmas. First grade Sargol saffron has no whiteness and there are no small and broken stigmas in it.

Saffron is a useful product with various food, medicinal and industrial applications.We all know to some extent about the properties of saffron and its uses.

Sargol Saffron Benefits

Studies in this field have shown that the antioxidants in saffron include crocin, crocetin, safranal, and kaempferol. Crocin and crocetin in it cause saffron color and also have excellent antidepressant properties. Other properties of these two substances include weight loss and brain cell protection. Antioxidants in saffron make this beneficial plant an anticancer plant and its consumption is recommended to all people.


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