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Types of saffron

In order to talk about the price of saffron, we must first know what saffron is and what its position and value are, and then, based on its value, we should examine its price.

It is also interesting to know that saffron produced in Iran is on the list of the most valuable natural foods in the world because the price of one kilo of it is over a thousand dollars.

Therefore, be sure that the Saffrons that are below the usual market price are not of good quality and are mixed with turmeric.

In the analysis of factors affecting the price of saffron plant, 2 basic points should be considered:

1) Iran is the first and largest producer of saffron in the world, and even according to one of the statistics, 90% of the world’s saffron is from Iran. Although the statistics in this area are different.

2) Most of Iran’s saffron products are exported abroad.

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What is saffron?

There is an onion on the stalk of a saffron plant, which has a brown sheath. This plant grows in southwest Asia, southern Spain, and southern Europe. It has a stem, six purple petals, and 3 strands of red stigma. The used part of the saffron plant is the orange stigma of its flower. Saffron stigma contains fat, mineral salts, and mucilage. Propagation of saffron is common only by the underground corm. The aroma of saffron is due to the presence of a colorless essential oil containing tropene and an oxygenated compound with cineole called safranal. The taste of saffron is related to the bitter heteroside picrocrocin. The color of saffron is related to the presence of a substance called crocin.

Does the high price indicate the quality of the saffron?

There are people in the market who buy natural or fake saffron from farmers at normal prices and sell it to people at very high prices. In fact, it can be said: the expensiveness of saffron is not necessarily a sign of its high quality, but the cheapness of saffron is definitely due to its low quality. If you are going to buy bulk saffron, it is better to pay attention to the quality and guarantee of originality before checking the price of saffron.

Factors affecting the price of Iranian saffron:

Iran is the pole of saffron export and the largest producer of saffron in the world. High-quality and original saffron is stored in special conditions. The storage conditions of saffron should be such that it is away from sunlight and in a dry and cool environment. It should be stored in glass and metal containers.

     Various factors affect the price of saffron, some of which are mentioned here:

1- Type of saffron: the price of Negin saffron is higher than Sargol saffron. Because precious saffron is just red stigmas of saffron. Meanwhile, the price of saffron will be lower.

2- Quality of saffron: In the following, we will help you identify quality saffron.

  Saffron is a valuable and expensive plant and is known as red gold, that’s why unfortunately people cheat for more profit in the production and distribution of this plant. Some ways to distinguish original saffron from fake saffron are as follows:

✓ The easiest way to recognize: the curve in the stigma of saffron, if it is very shiny, it is fake.

✓ If you put the original saffron on a butane flame and its color turns yellow, you should suspect that it is fake.

✓ If you put saffron on straw paper and the oil stain remains on the paper, your saffron is fake.

✓ If saffron gives color to gasoline, it is fake.

✓ If saffron turns white in boiled water within 5 minutes, it is fake saffron.

✓ The smell and taste of saffron should be a little spicy and bitter to be original.

It should be noted that saffron should be stored in a dry and cool environment away from light and in glass or metal containers to preserve its properties, aroma, color, and taste.

3- Volume of buying and selling saffron

4- Place of supply of saffron

5- The type of saffron packaging: the cheapest saffron packaging is a bag, and on the other hand, metal seal packaging has a higher price and is very popular due to its beautiful traditional Iranian design and strength.

6- The strength of the saffron brand

7- Type of saffron contract and…

8- Place of planting and production of saffron: As we have said before and you know, the best saffron in the world is the saffron of Razavi Khorasan and South Khorasan of Iran. Also, Iran has been the first producer of saffron in the province of Khorasan. It should be noted that Khorasan region is considered one of the first and best places for saffron cultivation and production. According to the conditions of saffron cultivation and the high stability of the onion of this plant in difficult conditions, this plant can be cultivated and harvested in most parts of Iran. Also, Iran has suitable climatic conditions, and currently, saffron is cultivated in many provinces of Iran. Like Khorasan-Razavi province, South Khorasan, Isfahan, Fars, Kerman, and Central are also popular. Most of the saffron cultivation fields in Iran belong to Khorasan-Razavi and South provinces.

9- Cultivation type: whether saffron cultivation is traditional or greenhouse can have an important role in quality and pricing.

10- Coarseness or fineness of saffron pens

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Types of saffron:

The term types of saffron refer to how stigmas are separated from saffron cream, which results in different types of saffron. Negin, Sargol, Pushal, Khame, and Dokhtarpich are the types of saffron that are described in this explanation. For saffron prices and saffron purchases, you can contact Tida saffron experts.

Sargol saffron:

There are three types of saffron: saffron for people’s use, saffron for animals, and saffron for plants. In foreign countries, it is called AII-Red, which means that it is completely red. There are three grades of Sargol saffron: premium, saffron, and saffron. Sargol saffron is pure saffron made by completely removing the cream or white part of saffron and leaving only the red part; thus, it is called all-red saffron. In Sargol saffron, the stigmas are graded and priced based on their thickness, whether they are fine or coarse, and whether they are broken.

Etoui saffron:

Whenever saffron flower, is moist, so this is not usable saffron. It is therefore necessary to dry these saffrons after they have been separated from the saffron flowers. There are different ways to dry saffron, manual and machine. It is known as etoui saffron, which is saffron that has been dried using a machine to make it smoother and more beautiful.

Super negin:

Super negin saffron is a type of negin whose saffron pen (stigma) is larger than usual. Saffron with large stigmas is one of its characteristics.  Compared to other types of saffron, super negin saffron has very high coloring properties and contains more safranal and crocin.

Shebhe negin :

There is some yellowness with a red stigma in shebhe negin saffron, which is something between pushal saffron and negin saffron.

Pushal saffron:

The stigmas of the saffron are often separated from the lower portion of the red or cream part of the plant when farmers harvest saffron for their farms. An orange-yellow part of a stigma, known as Pushal saffron, is also present along with the red part. Saffron from this category will have more stigmas, and as a result, will be more vibrant than saffron from other categories. Saffron thread is believed to be healthy and authentic when stigmas are attached to creams. Saffron buyers will know for certain that the saffron they have purchased is not fake this way. The fact that this type of saffron is complete strand saffron also explains why it has a lot of fans since it contains all the saffron properties.

Bunch Saffron:

Bunch Saffron is a complete thread that has the red and yellow parts of saffron together. In such a way that the yellow part is about 30% and the red part is about 70%. In this type of classification, saffron is intact and the stigmas of the three branches of saffron are not separated from the white part of the saffron (or saffron cream). The arrangement of this model is done one-way and two-way. In the one-way arrangement, the creams are placed on top of each other and the stigmas are placed on top of each other, but in the two-way arrangement, the stigmas are placed on both sides and the creams are placed in the middle.

Kanj or white saffron:

Kanj saffron is not included in the category of saffron types. As soon as the head is removed from the stalk, the root or white part remains, which is known in Iran as kanji or white saffron. In Europe, this part is called white or style. Scientists believe the red part of saffron has more valuable substances than the root part, despite the general belief that the root has more fragrance. The crocin substance moves from the red stigma portion of the saffron plant to the white root portion, where more moisture is present, resulting in a stronger aroma from the saffron root. Crocin (the pigment responsible for saffron’s coloring) is not present in the saffron root, but it does have some of the same properties.

The price of a kilo of saffron

So far, we have noticed that its price changes with the type of saffron. Iran’s exported saffron from Tida Saffron company is of the super precious saffron type, which means the best type of saffron. Also, this saffron was produced this year, which has a unique aroma and excellent coloring. For the exact price of saffron, refer to the saffron price page

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