Saffron is more valuable than gold for what reason?

saffron vs gold

saffron vs gold, This plant’s roots are shrouded in mystery. Various sources attribute this plant’s origin to Iran or Greece.

The price of saffron is one of the highest in the world. When picked, harvested from the flowers, and dried, a pound of saffron can cost up to $5,000, according to

In the countries where saffron provides a source of income for farmers, from Iran to Afghanistan to Morocco, saffron flowers are harvested at dawn, because overexposure to the sun degrades the quality of the flower.

Gold Saffron
Gold is a metallic element that is bright yellow in color. Saffron is a plant from which saffron spice is obtained, which has great uses and properties
Ability to extract from gold mines The ability to grow in certain weather conditions
It has no expiration date It has an expiration date

What makes saffron so valuable?

Spices like rosemary or even red pepper can be dried and used at home To produce just 0.45 kg of this product, it is estimated that 170,000 flowers will be needed. Red spices cost more than black spices because they require so much labor to harvest. Red spices cost more than black spices because they require so much labor to harvest.

Why is saffron expensive?

Its high value and high price give saffron the nickname red gold in Iran. Unlike coins and gold, red gold is considered a strategic product, which means its price is constantly changing.

Saffron cultivation is done repeatedly, but because the soil loses its nutrients, after 7 to 9 years, another type of crop such as seeds should be cultivated in the land where saffron is planted for several years so that the soil can Regain your lost nutrients.

Saffron flowers are harvested manually in mid-autumn, which increases the price of this spice compared to other spices.

In addition to these, the transfer of saffron flowers should be done in such a way that they are not harmed. Therefore, it should be avoided to pile flowers on top of each other and put too much pressure on them during transportation. All these processes require spending money, which increases the price of saffron. 

It may be thought that the high price of saffron is due to the fact that it is extremely difficult to harvest. As we mentioned in previous articles, saffron is obtained from saffron flowers. As well as taking time and hiring multiple people to harvest it, it costs a lot of money. Saffron flowers must be picked in large quantities of 170,000 in order to produce 453 grams of saffron. Moreover, the air humidity must be above 25%. Saffron’s quality is better maintained by this ingredient than by saffron.

Is saffron more expensive than truffles?

Saffron is obtained from the saffron plant and quality saffron is exported from Iran to the rest of the world. This plant is an expensive spice for several reasons.
Harvesting saffron is manual work and is not done with a machine. Saffron has different prices for different qualities. Paying for the product includes a fee. The freshness of saffron affects its price. Also, saffron is rare and has unique properties.

Saffron exporters

According to studies conducted, Iran produces about 85% of the world’s saffron (the most expensive spice in the world) today and is the biggest producer of it.

Besides being the second largest producer of saffron in the world, Spain is also one of the first international distributors of this plant. Smaller producers include Portugal, France, Turkey, and Italy.

Even though Kashmir began producing in large quantities, it’s still not recognized as the world’s main producer.

 This red gold is being produced in a number of Chinese provinces.

Next in terms of the production of this valuable plant are Greece, Moroccan, Germany, Japan, Russia, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Egypt, England, and the United States. 

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Types of saffron:

While Iran is the largest producer of saffron in the world, other countries as well produce spice.

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Iranian saffron:

This product is one of the honors of Iran’s agriculture. A very rare spice that can only be found in a few limited places, it is also one of the world’s most expensive spices.

It is true that saffron can be found in numerous places other than Iran, but Iranian saffron stands out because of its wonderful taste, enchanting color, and outstanding quality that makes it unsurpassed.

A majority of saffron is produced in Iran, and Iranians consume more of it in the cooking industry than anyone else.

Nevertheless, Iranian saffron does not only come in one type but there are many varieties as well.


price of saffron vs gold

Why is saffron consumption important? 

Throughout history, people have tried to find substitutes for saffron, such as turmeric, rose petals, etc. Since saffron has a different taste, people have tried to substitute it with these alternatives. A good mood can be brought about by consuming saffron. In addition to reducing the symptoms of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, depression, and PMS, red gold can be beneficial for your health as well.

Fraud in the sale of saffron

A substance called corn root is very similar to saffron, and profiteers use it instead of the original product and color it to sell it. If you pay attention, however, you can distinguish between the real and fake products inside. As a result of the slightly curled flag of saffron, the ribs around the corn are smooth, but the ribs around the flag are not.

 Following bearded beef, which after drying becomes like saffron, and because it has a low price, high density, and is unrecognizable by the eye, profiteers can easily make a profit on it. In addition to adding oil or salt and sugar, some people spray oil or salt on saffron to increase its weight. It is not difficult to identify these cases, thanks to their simplicity.

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Is saffron more expensive than diamonds?

Today, numerous European pharmaceutical firms employ the euphoric saffron plant, which belongs to the lily family, as an antidepressant. The saffron plant is a little perennial that grows to a height of 10 to 30 cm. It bears six purple petals, which in certain circumstances may also be purple. Saffron is utilized in traditional medicine as a sedative in addition to being used as a culinary flavor and fabric dye.

Saffron vs gold color

The stigmas of saffron are red in color, but when saffron is placed in boiling water, it spreads a golden yellow color. It is lighter than the golden color.

price of saffron vs gold

The price of saffron cannot be compared with gold. Saffron is an excellent spice and has different applications. The price of saffron varies based on many factors.

saffron price

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