Which is the best and most delicious pistachio?

Various flavors and varieties of pistachios are available around the world. Pistachios are generally categorized by region of cultivation. It is important to note that each country has its own type of pistachio, but the main characteristics are the color, flavor, size, cultivation process, and quality.

Which is the best and most delicious pistachioThe pistachio tree is one of Iran’s most important crops and the largest one.

Iranians are proud of the many varieties of pistachios they grow, each with its own characteristics and taste.

The reason for the excellent pistachio taste

There is no doubt that Iranian pistachios are of high quality, which is why they are so tasty. In order for Iranian pistachio to be tasty, it has to be high-quality, and having high-quality Iranian pistachio enables it to be good. The pistachio trees in Iran are usually planted between 800 and 2000 meters above sea level, making the day and night contrasts and differences in air pressure large. This results in better sap concentration and movement. 

Due to this factor, Iranian pistachios have become some of the world’s best pistachios. Despite Iran’s pistachio production being considerably smaller than the United States, the United States is the world’s largest producer. Pistachios from Iran seem to be taking advantage of these competitions (taste and taste) to boost their market share.

What are the types of Iranian pistachios?

In many parts of the world, pistachios are among the most popular nuts. There are a number of pistachio cultivars grown in Iran, belonging to the species Pistacia vera, which is a domestic species. A large number of male genotypes can be found in Iran, but more than 70 female pistachio cultivars exist. Pistachios of Kaleh Ghochi, Akbari, Ahmad Aghaei, and Fandghi varieties are some of the most renowned types in Iran.

What is the most delicious type of pistachios?

One of the most delicious types of Iranian pistachio is the Ahmad Aghaei pistachio, which comes in various varieties. In Iran and around the world, this type of pistachio, which has an elongated shape, is the most delicious because of the abundant fat content.

Among all the pistachio types, hazelnut pistachios are the most exported and consumed domestically. One kilo of hazelnut pistachios contains more pistachios than any other type of pistachio. They are round and small in appearance.

There is no comparison between the ram’s head pistachio and other pistachios in terms of size or shape.

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Types of pistachios in Iran

Types of Iranian pistachios

Hazelnut pistachio

One of the most famous types of pistachios in Iran is the hazelnut pistachio, which of course is also known as the Ohadi pistachio. This type of pistachio is called hazelnut pistachio because it has a round and hazelnut-like appearance, and of course it is known as Round instead of hazelnut pistachio. In almost all the provinces that grow pistachios, hazelnut pistachios are also cultivated; From Kerman, Yazd and Razavi Khorasan to Fars, Central, Qazvin and even Tehran! But the hub of hazelnut pistachio cultivation is Kerman province.

Two varieties of the famous Fandoghi pistachios are Kole Ghochi pistachios and Ohadi pistachios. Kale Vechi pistachio is one of the most popular pistachio varieties for export, and Ohadi pistachio is also known as the most famous type of pistachio in the country.

Almond pistachio

Almond pistachio is another type of pistachio classification based on appearance. The main variety of this category is Zarand almond pistachio, which, as its name suggests, has its roots in Zarand city, Kerman.

Pistachio Kale Gouchi

Kalehgouchi pistachio is one of the most popular Iranian pistachios, but of course this popularity is not limited to Iran only. A large part of the pistachio production is exported to European countries. This pistachio is known for being large and of course expensive! The ram’s head pistachio is round and large in appearance, and its kernel is larger than other pistachios. The top color of this red pistachio is gray and the color of its skin is relatively dark white. Since ram’s head pistachios are large, there are fewer of them per kilo, but despite this, its large size and round shape have made it very popular in the market. The taste of ram head pistachio is also very delicious.

Pistachio Ahmad Aghaei

One of the types of Iranian pistachio is Ahmad Aghaei pistachio. The high yield and the relatively short time required for fruiting have made it one of the best export pistachios in the country. The color of the skin of this product is white and its core is also red. This pistachio, with its amazing taste, is the first word not only in Iran, but also in the world markets.

Ahmed Aghaei’s pistachio is also known as Long Pistachio in the world, and of course it has many fans because of the smiling faces; It means that the smiling gap of this pistachio is the same and the same size on both sides of the back and abdomen. Ahmad Aghaei pistachio has a lower price compared to Kale Ghochi pistachio and Akbari pistachio; But it has a higher price than hazelnut pistachios.

Akbari Pistachio

One of the valuable Iranian pistachios is Akbari pistachios. In fact, this pistachio has the highest economic value. Akbari pistachios are almond-shaped, elongated and large. Its surface color is bone-dark cream and its core is purple-brown.

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Comparison of Iranian pistachios with foreign pistachios

Pistachios are cultivated all over the world and therefore can be very diverse and different in terms of quality and taste. The pistachio tree is a resistant tree that survives in complex weather conditions. Of course, the same weather has a great impact on the quality of pistachios and the difference between Iranian pistachios and foreign pistachios. Iran has diverse weather conditions and different types of pistachios are cultivated in different cities of Iran. In this way, our country is known as one of the largest pistachio producing countries in the world. However, since 2020, using modern agricultural methods, the United States has been able to achieve a great growth in pistachio production and has taken the first place in the production of this product.

Iranian pistachio with variety and high quality has occupied a large amount of pistachio production and export, and the taste and color of this product has made it an indicator for measuring the quality of pistachio in other countries of the world. In addition, the variety of Iranian pistachios is very large, and its four export examples include Fandghi pistachio, Akbari pistachio, Kale Ghochi pistachio and Ahmad Aghaei pistachio, which account for a large share of exports to foreign countries. This variety of pistachio in Iran reaches more than 60 types, while the American pistachio exists in only 3 or 4 types. Iranian pistachios have great advantages over foreign pistachios, which you can refer to in the article we have written about the difference between Iranian pistachios and foreign pistachios.

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