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Saffron Crocus or Crocus Sativus is a plant, is a plant with a stalk that bears a purple flower with six petals and three crimson stigmas. The scarlet stigmas of this flower are the source of the spice known as “red gold,” saffron. Due of its challenging collecting technique, this spice is notable for being the most expensive in the world.

How long saffron lastSaffron, which is known as red gold, is one of the special and rare agricultural products of Iran. Saffron has different categories based on its appearance and quality. Bunch saffron, Pushal saffron, Sargol saffron, Negin saffron, and white saffron are among the types of saffron.

Types of Iranian Saffron

Bunch saffron: It is also called dokhtar pitch saffron, because the stigma and cream are dried together. This type of saffron is in the form of strings and no part of it is separated, which also has a special aroma.
Sargol saffron: Mumtaz is another name for the red and pure part of saffron. The best grade of saffron is Sargol 270, which is considered the highest quality in terms of coloring.
Pushal saffron: When the stigma of saffron is separated from a lower amount than the red part, that is, some of the yellow or orange part of the thread is also included with the stigma, it is called pushal saffron. This item will be between 170 and 250 units in terms of coloring.
White saffron (konj): The white root part of saffron is called white or konj. The lowest part of the saffron flower is considered to have no color, but its aroma is used in food.

History of saffron

In the vintage Persia, saffron was first cultivated close to Alvand and Zagros mountains all through the kingdom of Media that goes back to (708 – 550 BC), however sadly, there aren’t any more facts about how they used saffron again then. However, it’s far recognized that the Persians were the primary race to cultivate saffron. Now, the wholesale of Iranian saffron has been powering over 90% of the world’s saffron demand, with a maximum of the saffron being produced in the Khorasan province.

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How much is Iranian saffron per kg?

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Which countries use more saffron?

In general, saffron has many fans in most countries. But in the meantime, there are some countries such as Dubai, Spain, the UAE and Turkey, which use much more than the rest of the countries, and the export of saffron from Iran to these two countries is much more than to other countries.

Why Iranian saffron so expensive?

Saffron is one of the most valuable spices in the world, which is sold for more than 500 dollars per ounce. Because it is a very complicated product to harvest. Each flower has three small stamens in the center, these must be carefully removed and dried by hand. To prepare one kilogram of saffron, saffron growers must pick 500,000 saffron flowers from the ground by hand, one by one, and slowly, considering that the harvesting season of this product is autumn and the weather becomes cold, the work of harvesting becomes more difficult.

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