Saffron harvest from La Mancha, Spain 42% less than expected

Saffron harvest spania

If the stigmas aren’t extracted and dried within a few hours of harvesting, their complex aromas are dulled. That’s why the job of the mondadora (saffron plucker) is so important.

Saffron harvest from La Mancha, Spain, reached 347 kilos in the 2021 campaign, 42% less than expected; The   Denomination of Origin Saffron of La Mancha has closed the 2021 campaign with a harvest that amounts to 346.86 kilos, which is 23.17% less than last year, when 451.44 kilos were collected, and 42, 19% less with respect to the statistical estimation carried out before the collection. The decrease in production, despite having 18% more cultivated area than the average of the last eight years (134.66 ha.), Has not affected, however, the quality of the spice, which exceeds with You grow the standards required by the specifications of the PDO. This year, 214 of the 252 producers registered with the Regulatory Council have been part of the inspection process that will allow their saffron to be marketed under the differentiated quality brand Azafrán de La Mancha

➡ For more information about the properties of saffron, refer to the article Benefits of saffron.

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