Types of saffron

types of saffron
types of saffron
  • Sargol saffron
  • Negin saffron
  • Pushal saffron
  • Bunch of saffron (Pich girl)
  • Saffron root (Konj saffron)

You might imagine that saffron has different flowers or the way of growing these saffrons is different! But it is not. When cleaning the saffron flower, the saffron stigma is cut into different lengths, each of which has a name. Maybe this question has occurred to you, what is the difference between the types of saffron in terms of quality and price?

1) Sargol saffron

types of saffron
Sargol saffron

Sargol saffron is the same saffron that is mostly prepared in one-gram and one-maghali packages for daily use, and it is prepared from the beginning of the stigma or the head of saffron. Sargol saffron has a high coloring power and a pure flavor.

In Sargol saffron, there is no information about the yellow part that saffron has or the saffron root, and only the stigma part of the cut thread is available in a completely separate and clean form. Also, this type of saffron has more pieces and broken parts compared to other types of saffron.

It is also interesting to know that there are other titles for this type of saffron, such as Sarrishe saffron, Sarqalam, and Mumtaz; In addition, outside of Iran, Sargol saffron is known as ALL RED.

2) Negin saffron

Types of saffron
Negin saffron

Gem saffron is the first type of saffron that we intend to examine. Nagin saffron only has the red parts of the saffron stigma, and no yellow or white is observed in it. Of course, Nagin saffron itself is also divided into several quality grades. The bigger the saffron stigma and head and the less breakage of the stigmas, the higher the value.

3) Pushal saffron

Pushal saffron is a saffron that has red stigmas, along with some cream (between three and five millimeters). The production of this type of saffron is at the beginning of the harvest season. Also, this flower has more survival than other saffron flowers because it has some cream along with its stigmas. In a natural state, from every 100 kilos of saffron flowers, approximately one kilo of Pushal saffron is taken.


This type of saffron has a higher coloring power compared to bunch saffron because its color is more than bunch saffron. Some people respect this type of saffron and use it due to the fact that in Pushal saffron, the stigma is attached to the cream, and the possibility of fraud in saffron is reduced and it is easier to distinguish whether it is original or not fake. do

4) Bunch saffron or Dokhtarpich

types of saffron
Bunch saffron or Dokhtarpich

Among the different types and types of saffron, bunch saffron or Dokhtarpich saffron is considered the most basic and basic type of saffron, and the method of its preparation is that it is put together and after drying all the saffron strings (combination of cream and cream). is getting ready Generally, the cream part is between 3 and 5 mm, and according to the quality of saffron, the stigma part may be longer or shorter than that. They are usually women. Also, this type of saffron is better and more economical in terms of price than other grades of saffron. Dokhtarpich saffron is one of the most beautiful types of saffron, which has a lot of demand among different strata of society.

5) Saffron root

Types of saffron
Saffron root

At first glance, you might think that the saffron root is the same saffron root that is in the soil, but it is not. The stigma of saffron, which is the main part of saffron, has a white part at the end, which is called the saffron root.

The saffron root has all the properties of the red parts of saffron and does not have the power to color the stigma. This type of saffron has a much lower price than other types of saffron, but it has the properties of saffron completely

which type of saffron is best

Characteristics of the best saffron

All over the world, standards have been established to determine the best saffron. These standards show that no additional substances have been added to saffron and that saffron is completely pure and natural. For this reason, to know the best saffron, you can refer to the standard signs on the product. If saffron does not have standard marks, it may be fake and not of good quality.

These standards are different in each country. In Iran, standards 1-259 and 2-259 are used to determine the quality of the best type of saffron. This standard checks the quality of saffron in terms of aroma, color, and taste.

You should note that high-quality saffron does not have artificial color. It means that saffron should not be dyed. Because some people dye the cream and sell it instead of the stigma, or make the stigma of other flowers red and introduce it as saffron.

Usually, the stigma of other flowers is shorter than the main stigma of saffron and does not have the chemical compounds of saffron. Also, saffron powder and ground saffron are more likely to be fake, because red soil may be added to them or other red spices may be combined.

In the Tida Saffron blog, we have written an article about original saffron, you can read it.

Persian saffron

Most of Iran’s saffron (80%) is exported to more than 100 countries of the world, and domestic consumption includes a small share of these products. Of course, Iran’s exports to these countries are not direct and are carried out through 3 main hubs.

In such a way, saffron is sent to intermediary hubs such as the UAE, Spain, and Hong Kong in a relatively large way, and from there it is sent to other countries in the region through commercial processes.

Iranian saffron brands

Tida Saffron

Tida Saffron Company has been active in the field of saffron export for more than 10 years. At Tida Saffron, we know the competition well and we claim to have the best saffron with the best quality in terms of color, fragrance, freshness, and healthiness, and we have prepared saffron for export at a low price.

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the best saffron in the world

Undoubtedly, Iran’s saffron is the best and the best in the world, and this has been proven for everyone. To export saffron, we must consider many points, including the needs of the other party in the destination country. And for this, first The target market of saffron should be checked so that we can have a better export and get the satisfaction of saffron customers. The title of Iran’s best-exported saffron will also be different based on this and according to the opinion of the consumer or foreign customers in this field.

which type of saffron is best?

So far, you have met the types of saffron. The smaller the saffron root, the better. Also, ironed saffron is saffron that is dried in a special way and it is of the same type as Super Nagin saffron, which is the best saffron. In short, Super Nagin saffron is one of the best types of saffron (Iranian saffron), which itself has other types. Iron saffron is the best type of saffron. We at Tida Saffron Company send you the freshest and best quality saffron, you can see the wholesale price of saffron on the saffron price page.

What is saffron from the horns of the Mashhad goat?

It may shock you to hear this name, but it has a meaning! Saffron traders describe precious saffron as being like a horn to buyers and suppliers who are on the saffron market. Goat Horn Saffron is what a merchant means when he says he needs exceptional Super Gem Saffron. Foreign and domestic customers are very interested in this type of saffron, and they pay high prices to convince the seller to provide their goods.

What is Etoui saffron?

Type of Saffron
Etoui saffron

There are different types of saffron that few people are familiar with all these saffron models. Negin Toui saffron is one of the saffron models. This saffron has a wonderful pen head and a bright and shiny color.

types of saffron in India

India produces 7% of the saffron consumed worldwide. Saffron varieties in India and Spain differ from those in Iran, and there is no distinction between saffron that has been rooted and one that has not.
One of the most well-known and important saffron-producing locations in the world is India’s Kashmir region. Saffron from Kashmir is renowned for its roughness and blackness.
India must purchase Iranian saffron in addition to its own production in order to satisfy the demands of its consumers due to India’s low production rate in comparison to the need of Indian saffron customers.

Saffron from Kashmir carries a GI label or geographical indication. This indicates that the goods from this area are advertised with this mark, which in some way demonstrates their excellence and distinctiveness in the global marketplace. The GI mark further states that saffron of this region can only be grown in the places listed, and that saffron of this quality and characteristic is not grown in any other nation. Also, this mark serves as proof of the product’s uniqueness because only legitimate Kashmiri producers are permitted to attach such labels to their goods.

saffron price

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