Turkish raisin exporters sent 236 million 119 thousand dollars of raisins to 40 European countries in the 8 months of the season.

European countries’ interest in raisins continues. IN Manisa, where almost all of Turkey’s seedless raisin production is met with an average annual yield of 250 thousand tons, the producers are preparing for the new harvest in August, while the Turkish exporters continue to market the products of the past season abroad.

Tida Saffron

Raisins exports increased this year

Since September 1st, when the export season of seedless raisins started , 162 thousand tons of raisins worth 290 million 530 thousand dollars have been exported to 104 countries from Turkey.

Exports in this period increased by 3 percent on value basis compared to the same period of the previous season. Most exports to Europe A portion of 153.2 million dollars, which corresponds to approximately 52 percent of Turkey’s 290.5 million dollars raisin exports in this period, was made to European Union countries. Sales to the UK amounted to $72.7 million, equivalent to 25 percent of raisin exports. This country was followed by Germany with 43.7 million dollars and the Netherlands with 26.9 million dollars .

The share of other European countries in raisin exports was 4.2 percent.

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