Price of Pistachio in Iran 

The wholesale price of Iranian pistachio increased by +51% YoY in W3 Feb-22 to USD 6.76/kg. Frost hit Iranian pistachio disrupted the production and led to less supply. As a result, the price of pistachio in Iran rose throughout February 2022.

Weekly price trends of pistachio kernel Tida Saffron - SEO

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Pistachio Price in Iran Rose by +51% YoY

The wholesale price of pistachio in Iran showed an upward trend throughout February 2022 were prices stood at USD 6.76/kg in W3 Feb-22, an increase of +51% YoY from USD 4.45/kg in 2021.

Iran has been known as the 3rd largest producer of pistachio. Significant frost damaged in the Iranian pistachio crops is affecting the overall supply. Iranian pistachio is projected a production decline of -29% YoY to 135,000 tons for 2021/22. Low supply leading to Iranian pistachio price increase in W3 Feb-22.

USDA forecasted that Iranian pistachio export volume in 2021/22 will fall by 41% YoY compared to the previous campaign

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