Iranian saffron producers eye exporting more to Europe

There’s a high demand for Iranian saffron coming from Chinese buyers. However, Iranian producers are more willing to work with European buyers fact that Chinese buying prices are a quite low margin whereas European buyers’ prices are more favorable. The reason for the lower prices by Chinese buyers is that most of the purchased saffron gets re-exported to other destinations.

Export of saffron

Top exporters of saffron

Iran ($114 million), Spain ($63.2 million), Afghanistan ($18.4 million), Greece ($6.97 million), and France ($6.42 million).

Top saffron importers

Spain ($54.7 million), Hong Kong ($20.8 million), the United States ($18 million), Italy ($16.7 million), and India ($16.6 million).

Iranian Saffron

Iranian export saffron has this unique feature compared to other saffron available in the world markets. It uses safranal, which is considered a toxic substance, in a very small amount.


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