From what age can saffron be given to babies?

From what age can saffron be given to a child

Known as a royal food, saffron is one of the most expensive spices. In Indian cuisine and Middle Eastern countries, such as Iran, this food item is widely used. In addition to treating depression, asthma, and menstrual pain, saffron has many medicinal properties. One of the most frequently asked questions of parents is when can children start consuming saffron, which is discussed in the next section.

can saffron be given to a child?

giving saffron to babies, Considering saffron’s many properties for children, many parents wonder at what age their children can consume saffron. Introducing supplementary food to your child at the age of six months is the perfect time to introduce saffron into their diet. When introducing new foods to your child, always speak with your doctor before introducing the new food. If you want to use saffron tea instead, you can mix it with breast milk or formula.

In addition, when giving saffron to your baby for the first time, use a small amount to watch for signs of saffron allergy in children. As long as none of these symptoms are present, you can continue giving your child saffron. You can add some saffron to the color and taste of children’s food, and this adds to the beauty of the food and makes children want to eat more. Also, for example, if you have decided to use yellow shells for your baby, this food contains a lot of saffron, and you should not overdo it by giving saffron to your child. Therefore, from what age can you give saffron to a child, it is exactly like saying from what age can you give dates to a child. Or from what age can you give figs to a child or from what age can you give tuna to a child?

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Properties of saffron for children

Now that you know from what age you can give saffron to a child, you need to know that saffron has many benefits for children, some of which are:

Saffron helps to treat insomnia. Insomnia in many children and babies around the world can be cured by eating saffron. Because this food is slightly relaxing and can help children who have sleep disorders. The point is to use this food in baby’s milk.

It helps to reduce anxiety and depression. Children who have symptoms of anxiety and depression can recover by eating saffron. This feature is also due to the relaxing feature of saffron, which was mentioned above. This happens when you use pure and not synthetic saffron.

It helps to improve digestive problems. Colic problems can be improved by eating saffron. Also, saffron is useful for children who have a sensitive stomach, and considering that it helps blood flow, it is considered a useful food for the liver, kidney, and bladder.

It helps to cure asthma. Children who suffer from asthma or breathing problems can get help from saffron to improve their symptoms. Saffron improves the inflammation of the child’s respiratory tract and thus helps his breathing. Also, if the child has an asthma attack, using saffron can be a good option.

✓  It helps to reduce stomach acidification and gas in the child. Since saffron has many benefits for children’s digestive systems, it can also be useful for children’s stomach problems, and it is considered a home remedy for these problems.

It helps reduce the child’s fever. Crocin in saffron helps to reduce the child’s fever.

It is useful for the child’s growth and learning. Crocin in saffron, besides being useful for reducing a child’s fever, can also help strengthen his memory.

Saffron and the treatment of hyperactivity disorder

One of the common neurological disorders in children and adolescents is hyperactivity. Due to its anti-depressant and relaxing properties, as well as memory enhancement, saffron can be as effective as drugs for hyperactive children such as Ritalin. According to the experiments conducted on children aged 6 to 17 who had hyperactivity disorder, saffron is useful for controlling the symptoms and complications of this problem. Also, this food item is one of the herbal medicines that traditional medicine recommends for these patients. This useful spice helps to reduce nausea, stomach pain and increase appetite in hyperactive children and treat insomnia and headache.

In this article, it was discussed from what age saffron can be given to a child. As mentioned, saffron has many properties and benefits for children, and if your child suffers from sleep problems, anxiety and depression, while it is necessary to seek help from a specialist, you can also use saffron to improve your child’s mood. If you are worried about the harm of saffron, you need to know that as long as you observe the appropriate amount and age of giving saffron to your child, this food item cannot cause any problems for the child.


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